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Hannah Suzanna: "Thinking about death strips away the things that are unimportant." Founder/Artist behind BCD on Death and Considering Life


When I was depressed in college, I read the book, The Nature and the Human Soul. He [the author] mentioned how, 'thinking about death strips away the things that are unimportant.' It became this constant in my life, to talk and read about death. I was actually working with my friend Allison, who's a Life Coach, and she pointed out how I really seemed to light up when I talked about 'this death thing'. From there I started including it into my photography, and once I moved from California to New York, I wanted to figure out a way to create my own job that was fulfilling, for me and for those around me, so I came up with Benefits of Contemplating Death. Originally it was just my Hashtag, but then I thought it would be interesting to expand on it, because we don't talk about death or grieving very often.


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Laure Reilly of Thrillist, A Greenpoint Home

This is the first place I've ever lived on my own that feels like a home. Everywhere else had a very temporary feeling to it, or it just didn't feel like somewhere I could host people, where they could feel comfortable as well. I feel like I have had a lot of great memories of friends just being here, drinking wine and cooking food - hiding from the snow or the heat.

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Amber Lee, On Being Uncool and Living Your Authentic Self


I was embracing myself and embracing my features.

And I'm really grateful for who I am. There was a time where if given the choice to get out of it, I may have, but now I just appreciate and value all of the challenges and opportunities to embrace my own authentic self.

Processing is something that we don't value enough in our culture, allowing yourself to share what's true to you. The more you share the more you can access what's really there. The beauty of all things is that once you take a stand for yourself, it's not that you're alone, but rather you're in an environment where you can authentically interact with everyone in your life.


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Mete Erdogan, On Eavesdropping


Eavesdropper has been really good about bringing that to light, in hopefully a beautiful way. We all just want really basic things and there's just so much beauty in that. I think a lot of that stuff is taken for granted. A lot of those off-hand jokes or those comments are very innocent, but if you read into them and then you look into what these people actually want out of life. You realize that we're all kind of the same. It just keeps coming up in different ways. 

I think, you know, it's that it's really easy to relate to people if you just listen to them.


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Lily Wan of Surface Mag, On Yes, Yes, No.

There's nothing wrong with that, being absorbed and wanting more out of life, and maybe if you're shut out [it's not healthy], but it's, I don't know ... now I'm entering this see-saw period, finding that balance. Yes phase. No Phase. And now this pendulum.

Doing nothing is also very valuable, it's an investment into your sanity. Nothingness is super powerful. We don't get to feel this in the everyday, because we're just in the flow of everyday. You know,  on a normal day, all of these are just objects, but when I take the time... it's really really cathartic. I love this coach. The texture. I think about the story of how Pash and I dragged it around Brooklyn.

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Open Art Spark, A Conversation on Sustainability, Creativity, and Collaboration

I'm trying really hard right now to realize that fear is actually the thing that holds you [back], and I've been fearful a lot. But, look at all the good that comes from it.

Here I am. 

Recognizing that fear isn't really real. I'm still working on it, but I feel like I'm doing pretty good. Just trying things. 

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Kim Argetsinger, Surrender to the Grey - Entrepreneur/Life Coach

Surrendering to the gray. Wanting things now, wanting them a certain way, I think it came from my conversation with my coach. You can't connect the dots looking forward, you can only connect them looking backwards. Black and white is your comfort zone, it's a way we pretend to not have fears, but we still have them. We grow more clever in tricking ourselves, and surrendering to the grey is just us stepping outside of that, to look at the beauty that's going into the grey.

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Just Give Value, Dillon Burke Co-Founder of Front of House

Quality and quantity. I don't think their needs to be a less than more than sign. I think you can appreciate both. I think it can be encompassed in all parts of your life, I think you can deliver both, and it requires a lot, but people appreciate it and recognize it, and then at a certain point you can say, look what I've done. It may end up stretching you thin, but you know, it works, it's worked. And umm.. buy good things, because they last you a life time. 

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