Khuyen Do, A Moment in NYC

And actually, how I’ve changed ... going back to that. That’s the biggest thing. I’m really just learning to accept things as they are.


We met at the corner of Spring and Lafayette in SOHO, on a bright New York City summer. I emerged from the underground subway into light and humidity, the chaos of tourists and New Yorkers fighting for their right of way - or rather annoyed New Yorkers, politely pushing tourists aside as they rush to their coffee date at the latest hip restaurant. The smell was the last thing that hit me, something I'll leave to your imagination. Eventually I found Khuyen walking my way, dressed as she does, in color and full of pep. 

Khuyen is a Parisian at heart, a fashionista and foodie, whom I have respect for in her taste both of brands she seems to know of in much detail to the eateries she pursues in her quest of fine dining. As Folioh Port, is both a personal and community exploration of the quality of life, or at least an inquiry on the themes that play out in our pursuit of happiness, I enjoy her take on a good time - well dressed and full of food with good company. For this very reason, I chose to write about her, both as a friend, and a person having a moment in NYC. 

Originally from San Francisco, where we had met years ago, Khuyen now works in PR, though her true passion is much more complex and dynamic. Often a connector between creative minds, her interests are less about public relations, and more about relationships. At the end of the Summer she'll be moving to Paris to pursue her life in fashion, her career in the communities she builds, nurtures, and connects. For now though, she's found a sense of home, just for a few months here in New York City, from San Francisco to now, having moments to collect her thoughts, and finding time to enjoy being herself - something too many of us forget to do. 



I think, these past 8 months ... I've changed. I had the idea to come here. Life is just going on, and it's about two months till I go to Paris, and I think when I said this was my YOLO Summer, it really has become that. It's a summer of me!

My friend was telling me, if you're going to New York, don't have anything lined up. Do it for you, use it as a time to find yourself, and me naturally, I'm going to have something lined up, you know, because that's just who I am, but I really do feel like I'm beginning to find myself. I'm a lot more comfortable with so many things. I'm just as comfortable being by myself as I am being with people. It's just little things, like eating at a restaurant by myself. I've never done that, and now I've done it, coming here, and I actually like it. Things like that.

I think what it is, *bless you*, is just finding your confidence. 

How do you make the most of Summer? I have nothing to lose, I'm just trying to make the most of my time here. How am I preparing myself, in a matter of speaking, for the rest of my life? I mean, I'm moving to Paris indefinitely. I'm not quite sure what that's going to look like, but I have my friends there, and I know I'll step right into it. The place where I'm at here though, I think it's going to be tough to leave, tougher than leaving San Francisco, and that's saying a lot. That's what I'm thinking about. 

A lot of things that I don't even know about. I think I've been over thinking a lot of things and at the end, it just happens the way it happens and I have no control over it, and I'm okay with that. I know I can't freak out about it too much, everything happens for the best. Out of chance, out of logic, out of my working hard, things happen and it's going to continue to do so, and I just have to be ready to work, and I always am, but I think ... I'll get there when I get there, and I'll take it from there.

If you let go too much, you don’t have boundaries or frameworks, and every one needs that more or less to get somewhere, and I’m finding that balance. I’m just learning to own myself.



And actually, how I've changed ... going back to that. That's the biggest thing. I'm really just learning to accept things as they are. Someone's late or can't make it, that's fine - what's next? Something doesn't happen, that's fine. I'm trying not to plan so much. Ever since I've just been throwing myself into it, forcing myself to do it, I'm just doing it. I'm naturally meticulous with everything, and coming from a place like that, and now going into it and finding that middle. If you let go too much, you don't have boundaries or framework, and every one needs that more or less to get somewhere, and I'm finding that balance. I'm just learning to own myself.