the waters bend.

Y O U, are love.
are a river deep & rich.
told by one too many
to be a wound.

Y O U, are worth.
are force in flowers bloomed.
believed that your queendom
is a hollow space
for them to crawl into.
convinced that your body
was just a hiding place,
at best a temporary refuge.


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Kim DavalosComment
coffee the morning after.

like caffeine and alcohol combined, you are a drug that i am still hungover from.

it takes me a few days to sober up from you. just like the beer i had with my brother at the giants game or the truffles i ate with ismael at dolores park; i keep saying i won’t do it like this again. i need to commit to this lesson. but in order to finally do so i also need to understand why. so here it goes…

we don’t belong. not in the way of oil and water, but more so like an espresso shot and a cup of dark roast. only insane people mix the two together and mixing the two together too many times is neither sustainable nor healthy.

you are not healthy for me.

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