Claudia Smith


Your eyes staring at your phone groggy - even though your eyelids are drooping you don’t have to force yourself to stay awake.

You’re looking at those three little dots across the screen, it’s a buzz, an adrenaline rush.


The talking all night, the indecisiveness of which emoji to send,

the silent smile in the dark of your room lit up from those three dots.


there is something so secretive about being awake together when the rest of the world is sleeping,

a bond that is created,

something so freeing about two people sharing inner thoughts, sacrificing sleep to talk about everything and nothing.

Even though you’re alone you don’t notice, you don’t feel it,

because of those three dots,


Till the sun comes up,

and then they disappear

and now you’re wondering who those dots are laying awake with now.

—  Demetra Demi, All Night (…) Till The Sun