La Vie Sauvage

Freedom in My Pocket

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It is indeed amazing that no matter how miserable life is, there’s always something that puts a little smile on your face. There are things that distract you from fully breaking apart. There are songs that remind you, that not all lovely things should be seen, instead some of them should be heard. There are books that give you inspiration, that are waiting for you to read them. There are still some people that doesn’t gave up on you, no matter how much far you push them away. You can find forever in your family, friends and yourself. Sometimes we need to stop looking just to see and appreciate what is in front of us. I know sometimes you think that there are no more things that can make you happy, but that’s just all inside of your head. I know that hope is a very dangerous thing. But isn’t it exciting to do some dangerous things that will lead you to a very unexpected happy ending? That will soon leave you the most memorable experience in your life?

— vomitingwords