Musings w. Muse - Liam Warton

1. What is the one think you're most proud of? 

I think I am most proud of my decision to quit my job in finance to pursue something more meaningful i.e. photography. Initially from Australia, I finished my bachelor degree and moved to work in London as an Accountant. Although, I really enjoyed London I was miserable working within the corporate sector. I bought my first analog camera (Olympus om2) at the Brick Lane Markets in London and after a trip to visit some family in Ireland I was hooked on photography. I quit my job, moved back to Australia and started practicing my photography.

2. What's a moment you felt the most connected to your work? 

Only recently actually! In the past I have felt extremely detached from everything I have created. I am currently working on a series that deals with gender roles in particular heterosexual masculinity. I am currently working on a series that deals with gender roles in particular masculinity. It is something that I feel very passionate about and finally a real connect between how I feel as a person and my photos.


3. What inspires your images? 

I find inspiration everywhere! Lines. Architecture. Cinema. Immigrating to Sweden. My childhood. Feminism. Two of my favorite photographers are Abdul Abdallah and Ren Hang. Abdul work is so powerful and he is exceptionally talented at portraying his plight as a Muslim Australian and everything that comes along with that in 2016. Ren is purely a composition master, everything I see of his is so eye catching and interesting.

4. What makes you think - ideas, things in your life that make you go, 'hmm'? 

Critical thinking. Questioning societal norms. Since moving to Sweden I have become much more aware about certain issues. I am very interested in gender roles and how they are portrayed in photography which is traditionally through the gaze of the male. Also, although I am privileged immigrant being white and a man, it is an interesting time to be an immigrant in Europe with the Syrian crisis. Sweden has up until recently had open boarder for immigration. It is an extremely multicultural country and I am looking to create a series on the new "Swedish Identity".