Musings w. Muse - Karen Tomczak


1. Describe yourself by the objects you surround yourself with.

My Canon 6D camera, various crystals, one of my 5 notebooks to write in, books of all shapes and sizes and genres, music devices (whether it be an ipod, CD player, or radio). swimwear, and sand...not exactly an object, but I seem to be constantly surrounded by it. 


2. What's the one thought that constantly comes back to you?

"Is this all just a dream?"

3. What does a moment feel like for you?

Of course they all differ, but when I am completely present, the moment I am in feels full and fulfilling. The breeze on my face, the sensation of being in my body, and the colors around me...without labeling it with emotions and thoughts, I feel at peace and intensely "here."

(Catch me on a moody day however, and it's a bit of a different story!)

4. What do you find yourself taking photos of the most, and why? 

People. Always people. 
I feel that people are art and their faces, movements, just their being- capturing that is what I feel the most compelled to do every time I am holding a camera. I find people so beautiful it hurts sometimes, and creating images of them is one of the most intimate feelings I have ever experienced as an artist and human being.