I'm sitting here in my friend of a friend's workspace lending a hand on his project within a project trying to figure out what is going on in my life within my life and my feelings within my feelings. Let's not oversaturate and beat the dead horse on the concept of layers but lately, there's just something so fucking intriguing about layers. About this concept of covering, shielding, and sewing another's skin onto your own in order to conform and camouflage amongst the ranks for the sake of "protection". I don't know. I've been taking on the layers of so many different identities, so many different roles, so many different costume changes all in one short period of time that it's been fucking with who I am. Not to mention exhausting. The other day I literally fainted because the weight of these layers finally surpassed my body's maximum capacity and all I could remember when I came back to was thinking, what the fuck am I doing? I could feel the layers fragmented, a mess of other people's burdens surrounding me like my messy room of clothes I didn't give a fuck to pick up accumulating on the floor because I was so fucking tired. And I just got back up, picked up the mess, and continued on. But why? 

- words by anonymous