Unrequited, Tall Girl at Cafe Seeks Man with Baby

Unrequited, Tall Girl at Cafe Seeks Man With Baby


I live on the outskirts of a small man, the size of my mom jeans, and big foot dress. He is a tiny mountain man, standing five six or something, average. He’s quite average. But also, I’m a towering Amazonian goddess. I think men are intimidated by me, but I don’t mind them, or you.

You’re a little bit older than me. You’re nearly as tall, if you wear those boots, and stand on crooked ground where you gain some feet over soil, if only you stood up tall.

You work at the local cafe.

I mean, there’s only like two in the entire town, and I think you work there, or at least you have friends who work there, but I know you spend a lot of time there, here, because I do.

I’m a writer.

You know, so I write and I’m writing right now, and you, you’re actually right in front of me with a … baby.


The baby is bouncing on your lap, and you’re sipping wine, and I’m sure you’re single, because I never see you with another women here, or ever, you know, because we live in a small town or part of town, right outside of a city. Or if you could call it a city, it’s no New York, right.?

You wear dad jeans, but that’s okay, because I know that’s fashionable nowadays and I wear mom jeans, because I shop at the thrift store.

You have curly hair, but your baby has straight blonde hair, and you have dark brown hair, so maybe she’s not yours?

Wait, do you own this cafe?

Your friend just walked into the cafe.

His finger is now baby toy. She’s latched 5 fingers, 10 around his, her eyes wandering around the cafe. Y

You don’t notice, but I’m staring at you.

Shit, fuck.

I really do … live on the outskirts of a small man. 


By Jude Yamamoto

Image Courtesy of : work by Zhao Bing Bin