Welcome to "Sounds of New York City"

There are many untold tales of New York City. We want to bring a few of them to life. To use the sounds of the city as a vehicle to tell these forgotten stories.  


The often heard and frequently overlooked voices of our train conductors will be our narrators. Who better? Our daily epics begin and end to the hum of their voices. Now these forgotten ferrymen will tell our mislaid stories.

You’re a train operator. We’d love for you to narrate a story. Please send us an email to soundofnyproject@gmail.com (subject line : train operator) and we will follow up.


You’re a writer. Tell us a story. It can be as short as a paragraph or as long as a few pages. Send it to us at soundofnyproject@gmail.com (subject line : writer) and we will follow up.


Curious? Wonderful! We’ll keep you posted as the project develops. If you have any questions, you too are welcome to drop us a line.