d'emploi : Folioh Port

What does it mean to own something you love? For us, it's about knowing where our products come from. There's nothing like holding something that becomes so much a part of your life, like a bag, in your hand or feeling it over your shoulders knowing who you're supporting, how it was made, and why. That's where Kyle comes in, he's been designing, developing, and hand crafting quality goods for years now in the Knickerbocker Factory over here in Brooklyn, NY. As one of the partners of Knickerbocker MFG., Kyle has been manufacturing products that work with us, and for us. 

What's most important? The integrity of the brand - for Kyle, making sure that everything he produces makes sense, from utility and function to the aesthetic element of the goods, he makes sure that every bit of detail is looked after. We love his bags, and we hope you do too. You can feel the love and quality he puts into his work through the weight of the hardware to the sewing patterns and the construction of his Made in Brooklyn brand.