Jill Lindsey : Folioh Port

The month of November seemed to be all about gratitude, a topic that's far too relevant with a person like Jill. Nestled in the every changing neighborhood of Fort Greene, Brooklyn - Jill has created a welcoming environment for her community to exchange and bask in each other's magic, something that we love and appreciate. Her shop, cafe, and event space - now also a wellness center, provides a beautiful escape from a fast paced city life. Jill is a woman of many trades and plenty of positive energy to go around.


Gratitude is a word that's far too often over looked, as in 'thank you'. We say this all the time, every day, but in many ways, the amount of time we say it has given way to the meaning of it (quality versus quantity) - the intention of a thank you, isn't to be polite, but to express a genuine thankfulness for the action or person at hand. Jill is a friend who will remind you of this with her magical presence. Thank you Jill for being amazing!