Sweat Shop NY : Folioh Port

Gratitude comes in many shapes and forms. You can be grateful for an opportunity, for a person - you can be grateful to yourself, for taking a risk and following your passions. It's quite amazing when you find yourself standing at a cafe you've started a year prior, still in tact, with your community who come and support your business every day, and an ever growing list of possibilities by your side. 

Ryan and Luke started Sweat Shop Cafe as a way to bring their love for design and coffee together, in a harmonious little space where creatives of all disciplines find themselves at least once a week, sipping on their various Australian styled concoctions while conducting meetings and working away on their lap tops. 

Originally from Australia, the two mentions that they took a huge risk starting a brick-and-mortar business together in a city, let alone a country, unfamiliar to them, but they would have it no other way. I highly recommend a day at their cafe - they'll be there, with a big smile and some good vibes. I can say honestly, that these two are '.. some of the raddest dudes' you'll meet in New York City. 


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