Editors Note : November is Gratitude

November is here, and it's beautiful. We had to take a quick break throughout October to adjust to what life had to offer us, but we're back and now more than ever we'd love to hear from you. I'm just a one human operation trying to start this media project with the help of a few amazing friends, and it would mean the world to me to bring more people into the mix - to share stories, to discuss life, to cater to the curious and wonderful human beings - the multi hyphenate creatives out there. 

I've been reflecting a lot about what Folioh Port means to me, and where I'm trying to take it. And to be absolutely transparent, I am not sure - I do have an idea though. I initially started this website, because I wanted a place to see the type of curated content that was missing from the hundreds of other blogs and online magazines I followed. I wanted to read more stories - I wanted to feel a more intimate connection with the narrative, the how-to's, the triumphs and the tribulations of other humans, and I wanted a type of story telling platform that brought authenticity to the front of the content. I'm still working hard every day to figure out what this means.

For now though, I know what I like ... . I know that I want this space to be a place where we can discuss meaningful lifestyles, a place to share our thoughts and musings, to share our work and writings about different themes that our common in our lives. For this and for you, I am very grateful. 


That brings us to this month's theme: Gratitude. 


This month we want to share our thoughts, ideas, and work on gratitude, from meaningful encounters, the silver lining, the origins of our self identity - anything that we are grateful for. 


If you want to share photos, video, audio essays, writings, and so forth on the topic of Gratitude ... well, I'd be pretty grateful to have you.


Please email me : hi@foliohport.com and title it "Submissions on Gratitude" or something like this. 


So many thank you's - 


Kenta Thomas Naoi