Editors Note | September /15

Hey Ya'll ! 


It's September, we're nearing our one month mark with Folioh Port - already so much has changed, shifted, and evolved, and I'm so thankful for everyone whose been following us thus far. This first month was all about beginnings - often times, the hardest part of any new project is simply .. to start. We published our very first contributor article by Garret Omi, and we quietly opened up our contributor call to friends and friends of friends. We've also been meeting with amazing brands, started by the best type of people, who exemplify what we represent, and we're excited to share their products on our shop in the coming weeks! 




SO! What's new? This month, September, is all about transitioning from Summer to Autumn (finally!), and as the seasons change, we're also examining transitions within our lives. Transitions often refer to an ending and a beginning - an openness to new possibilities. For us this means opening up our online shop, introducing our very first brands (how exciting!) , opening our contributor call to a wider network of people, and expanding the types of content we'll be publishing.


We'll be exploring the concept of time with Throne Watches, feeling at home with Jill Lindsey, turning our eyes to contemporary spaces of gathering and work with Sweat Shop NY, and finally addressing transitions as a means of travel, from one location to another, or perhaps, from one chapter of our lives to the next with D'emploi. We'll welcome October with a Kick Starter - but more on that later. Of course that's just a brief overview - we have so many beautiful stories, imageries, and ideas to share with you this month. (Want to contribute? Check out what we're looking for!) 



As you may have noticed we feature photographs, videos, music, and writings from all over the internet every Monday - via Monday Mood Boards. We're looking for photographers, writers, musicians, filmmakers, etc. to high light and feature - just tag #FoliohPortfolio on Instagram and follow us! 


We want you to get involved! If you want to contribute, please check out our contributor's page and see how you can get involved. Make sure to follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook

All right folks, it's September - let's enjoy the last days of heat (though I am over it) and ride those waves into Autumn. I can't wait to read, see, and listen to all of your ideas, share your work, and keep growing this community! 

Bless Up, 

Kenta Thomas