In Seeking Blues & Greens

On Saturdays, we slip into our shorts and hues of blues to perch on rocks and stare deeply into the sky, watching the leaves on branches sway side by side. There's a slight tingle on my lower left calf, and I wonder if it's an insect mistaking my leg hairs as grass, or my skin to be something worth exploring. I swipe my hand across my leg in hopes that the culprit to this itchy sensation would find their way out of danger.

I see an airplane fly by, it goes in and out of the clouds. When I was younger I knew what they were called, the shapes and assortments of white puffs, but now they're merely shapes that remind me of childhood. Time is a funny thing when you're lost in space, or imagining what it would be like to look down at the ground from where I could only assume heaven hangs, at the edge of our day dreams and the moments right before we fall asleep.

You can feel the air in New York City, especially during the summer, not just the way it sticks to your hair, but the way it sounds, or the way the sun feels on your shoulders. You find yourself sitting on a giant man made boulder, in a giant man made park, in a giant man made city - and though the world never seems to stop around you, you feel a sense of quite, disconnected from the walking feet and the never ending chattering of teeth as it shapes words. And you sit there, and you wonder .. what is it that we seek here, in this city of dreams and doings? 


There was always something so familiar about the way the grey buildings and the tall glass windows perched above the blue and green landscapes, they all somehow felt so comfortable. In searching of something more personal, some sensation or revelation - I realize the colors that calm me, move me, seem to be that which make up the sky and earth. 

The colors green and blue, they make the city a beautiful place to chase dreams. Maybe I am trying to blend back into nature, or maybe I am trying to remember what it was like to be a child, and feel like it was the end of the world if we could not decide between 'green' or 'blue' as our favorite color.


I am walking around Central Park, seeking something blue and green.


Photography + Writing : Kenta Thomas

Model : Tristan Taylor