Into the Wild, An Introduction

It seems to be the smaller, quieter moments in our lives that often contribute to the most important parts of who we are. The silence is loud, and these fleeting hours that make up our days and months and years, shape our experiences. Folioh Port, to me, is this very exchange, it's from these moments that I introduce to you this new project. 8 years in the making - 8 months in development, and on the 8th day of the 8th month ... 

It's August, 7th - tomorrow is August 8th, 2015, I'm sitting across the street from my laundromat, I intend to start this next chapter of wild wanderings in clean clothes. 

By the time this, ‘introductory’ essay is released, it will be August, 8th, 2015 . Folioh Port's inaugural launch date, or rather a quite day of gratitude. 

Yesterday was August, 6th. I sat at a cafe in Williamsburg, exchanging beautiful thoughts about the precious qualities of stories - how they move us, teach us, and define us. At the other end of the table sat a friend I deeply admire. 

She tells me, August 8th, 2015 (which happens to be her birthday), is also a special day for those of us who follow the wonders of astrology and the likes of numerology, as all numbers add up to 8, 8, (2+0+1+5). Picking this date to launch was just a gut feeling, but I couldn't stop smiling when she told me this.


The day before that was August 5th, I sat at my favorite cafe/shop in Brooklyn, Jill Lindsey, mostly, because of I am fond of her and her warm presence. 

In her backyard cafe, I sat video chatting with a friend in Berlin. Months before her departure to a city she's been dreaming of moving to, we met for the first time in years at a cafe in our suburban hometown. We shared our love for design and travel, and call it a projection on my own part, but her wanderlust excited me.


She tells me she wants to move to Berlin, but she's unsure of the realities. 

I asked her, 'Why not?' 

We picked a date for her big move, from a suburban home to the city of her day dreams. A decision that would eventually resonate with those of us too often timid to get up and go. 

The conversation could have ended here, she could still be in suburban California, but what inspires me the most, is that our dialogue didn't end up as most exchanges do, a fluttering of temporary butterflies and pretty words ... she did it - September of 2014, only a few months after my big move to the NYC, where I now live. 


Many of us are dreamers, but only a few of us do. 

As we sat across the world, catching up - she recounts how she wrote about that very conversation on her blog. This filled me with joy and gratitude. It reminded me of the impact we have on others, her on me, and I on her. It reminded me that we, as people, have the power to change lives - to dream and to do, we just have to be the change we wish to see. 




Folioh Port, a humble project with a big dream... a platform that examines the meaningless of our lives."


I'm back in my room now. As I look around, I recall all of the small moments that have led to this very day, August 8th, 2015 - the day I quietly begin a new chapter in my life, the beginning of Folioh Port, a humble project with a big dream, to start a media and design brand, or rather a story telling platform that examines the meaningfulness of our lives by exploring aesthetics, narratives and objects that surround us - diving deeply into these relationships that shape our own experiences. 


I look around, I see photos of a friend who sat me down at Roberta's and convinced me of moving to NYC. I see childhood photos of my brother and a chuckle-worthy series of images my mother took at a photo booth. Behind me hangs a postcard from Italy a friend had sent this Summer, it reminds me of the dreams we share. In a tiny box, next to my bed, are letters from friends all over - one in particular sits on my desk, a letter from a friend filled with all the courage I needed to quit my day job and pursue Folioh Port - March 10th, 2015. 




To everyone who has supported me to this point, through all the different versions of this - for my love of supporting emerging creatives, for story telling and finding the awe in life, for beautifully designed objects, and my sometimes annoying need to seek the poetry in everything, I appreciate you ... thank you. I'm excited for this next chapter!


In my next note - I'll talk more about what Folioh Port is, or what I hope it becomes. But for now ... this is just an introduction, as we wander back ... INTO THE WILD. 


Bless Up, 

Kenta Thomas Naoi