Mood Board Mondays | 5

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" He took the salt
from inside of me,
and soon he began
to sink. It was not
long before he stood,
at the floor of me,
with his arms open;
with the world, open.
It was like being
invited into myself.
It was like being
asked to stay. "

- Emma Bleker



We buy sharp knives
and then the Band-Aids.

A pizza,
sacred pizza,
sits scalding my
reddening thighs
like a spread map.
With sidelong
car glances,
we chant
“Can’t wait
to eat this when
we get HOME.”

The house plants
get dubbed with
like Nigel and Artemis
and we dream up
drama between
their green
and tangled veins;
Paul is the baby
and Bernadette is shy.

We shake our fingers
at them when they tease
and hold leaves when
they shake with fear
of lightning bolts.

This is how we make
a home:
we put up floral pictures
to convince the walls
they are not plaster
but the edges of a jungle.

You place the level
on my back
and kiss my crooked
spine in the spots
that won’t
balance the bubble.

This is how we home:
the compromises
are unspoken,
but they are there,
shaking hands
above the open
toilet bowl
and the Lean-Cuisine
filled freezer.

You try to leave the bed
without waking me
and I pop up,
wanting to eat cereal
with you in the name
of ceremony.

We let the spiders
live; a noble sacrifice;
a sharing of homeland.
We name them Charlotte
every time.

This is home:
I notice everything.
You are beautiful
in ways I didn’t know-
like the way you break
up the dirt clumps
in the plant pots,
gingerly rubbing
the soil between
your soft fingers
until they are stained
with earth.

Home is here now;
it’s only just arriving-
I follow your beard hairs
like bread crumbs to the bed.

And I cling to the cocoon
you make in the comforter.
Sleep is the familiar
lullaby of your breath.

We live here;
more than that;
home is here in us.

- Superflous Sincerity


This is how we home:
the compromises
are unspoken, "


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