Throne Watches : Folioh Port

Time is all we have. It dictates our life - when we wake up and go to sleep, how we count our days, our years, and influences how we spend our fleeting moments, with whom and why. With something so important as time, we felt that we had to honor it by having one eye to it, while feeling completely comfortable to let it go. With age come beauty, our body begins to weather, our surroundings begin to change, and our stories expand with experiences, high and low. Time makes life rich, because it is all we have - it is what we spend to be with one another, or alone to our thoughts.


There is a relationship between the way a good watch ages and the life you choose to live, from the way the face begins to chip as it tracks your adventurous hours, and how the hand made leather straps begin to darken and form to your wrists. We don't just let anybody into our lives, we don't have all the time in the world to spend with those who do not treasure us, the way we treasure them - we feel the same way about the objects we own. 

In our very first installation of our shop, and our efforts to help build a relationship between the objects we curate, the brands we work with you, and you, we introduce to you Throne Watches, a Brooklyn based watch and leather company - designed and crafted in New York and manufactured in the USA. 

We're very excited to release our first video and with it, open our shop up to a mindful community looking to collect objects that will treasure them, as much as you treasure it.